Welcome to Dr. CeeJay's Doll Hospital,
Spa, and Boutique

The site for all of your fashion dolls' needs,
including Plastic Surgery for repairs,
restoration, or makeovers, as well as
new outfits, jewelry, OR a vacation
in Fabulous Las Vegas, NV, USA

I am a doll doctor, specializing in "Plastic Surgery" on fashion dolls. I have my "PhD"
("Piled higher and Deeper") in dolls, and am a graduate of the "School of Hard Knocks"

Twinkle and Dr. CeeJay's hand
This is a new web site, and I am working on it as I have the time.
It is constantly "Under Construction"

There will be a lot of interesting doll pages added, so please be sure to visit often and Book Mark this page:

Please feel free to contact me with any and all of your doll questions or needs.
Be sure to put "Doll Doctor" or "Doll Info" in the subject line of your message.
Your questions will be answered as soon as possible, but I may be busy doing
"surgery" and my patients take first priority. Thank You for understanding.

Currently, a few of the "links" to other pages are still shown only as the directories with pictures in them.
When you go to a page that is just the directory, click on the pictures to view them, and then use your BACK
button to get back to the Directory, and then use your BACK button again to return to this page.
As the new pages become available, the links will be listed below.

I do repairs, restorations, and makeovers on the modern era of fashion dolls.
Any and ALL sizes of fashion dolls are welcome, as well as other types of dolls.
Please contact me with any questions you have about your dolls that may need an
appointment with the Doll Doctor.

My favorite dolls are the small 6" to 6.5" fashion dolls such as the ones shown on this page.
Some of my favorite dolls to work on are the Original Topper Dawn dolls, the new
Checkerboard and Toy-O-Rama Dawn Dolls, the Pippa dolls by Palitoy, JPI Starr dolls,
JPI FreshLook Petite dolls, and all similar-sized fashion dolls.

I also love the Heidi Ott dollhouse-size dolls, and have done makeovers on them also.
Heidi Ott doll makeover web pages will be coming soon. Here is a temporary link
to the Heidi Ott Directory, where you can preview a few of those pictures.
Just use your BACK button to return to this page.

Another new and exciting miniature size fashion doll is the NEW Mini Kingdom Barbie dolls.
Here is a link to the temporary directory with some pics of my very first Mini Barbie that was
given a total makeover. Her new name is Darla, and she lives with her Mommy in South Dakota.

The new mini Barbie dolls by Mattel are beautiful to start with, but look at the progress
on Darla's transformation. Again, just use your BACK button to return to this page.

Madame Alexander Dolls are also some of my favorite dolls, and I am always happy
to have them as patients at my doll hospital. The areas I focus on are re-stringing,
re-wigging, or re-styling their hair, and facial paint restoration or makeovers.
Here's one of my Cissette Patients. Another makeover of a Desperate House
Wife, turned fashion model. Please go to this page to see more links to other
Madame Alexander doll web pages.

The collage of pictures below are of Twinkle, Little CeeJay and some of their friends.
They are the Starr dolls made by JPI.

Collage Pic of Twinkle and Little CeeJay

NEW Dolls in my world:
Getting smaller and smaller...these are just
DIRECTORIES with pictures
that are not yet web pages.

Click on the link, or on the icon to go to each individual directory.
Then click on each picture you want to view. After viewing the pictures,
use your BACK Button to return to the DIRECTORY, then use the
BACK Button again to return to this page.

This directory has pix of some really tiny knitting for Polly Pocket dolls.
I like the little Polly Pocket dolls, and enjoy knitting outfits for them.
They are about the same size as three-quarter inch scale doll house dolls.

Even Smaller Porcelain Dolls:
I have discovered and fallen in love with the tiny porcelain dolls that are called
"Half Inch Scale". One inch equals twenty-four inches, or one half inch equals one foot.

This directory shows some of my Half Inch Scale Porcelain Dolls.
and to see a larger version of those same pix, go to this sub-directory.

Houses for these tiny Dolls:
All of these little dolls need a places to live. So I am also building half inch scale doll houses.
This directory has other folders in it with sub directories to different doll houses.

SUB This sub directory has pix of one of the half inch scale houses and their cottage.

SUB This sub directory has pix of The Fairfield by Greenleaf. It is a work in progress.
This one is going to have electricity if things work out as planned. Any suggestions or tips
on doing electricity would be welcomed.

SUB This sub directory has the same pix of The Fairfield,
but larger size pix to show better details.

SUB This SubDirectory is of the Doug and Melissa Doll House that
I customized for my niece and nephew. It also is half inch scale.

the 6.5" Fashion Dolls:
Twinkle and Dr. CeeJay's hand
The web pages with ** before the link are ones that were
previously only linked from within other pages on this site.

This is the place to go to purchase OOAK doll outfits.
COMING SOON: Custom Jewelry, Shoes, and Boots

Finally, here is some EYE CANDY!! This is the
FIRST web page with some of the Custom Shoes.
This page shows the Metallic Shoes and purses.

** All new, another page with lots of different Shoe Styles.

** Currently Under Construction is another page with
custom color Shoe styles and designs.

Lime Green and Hot Pink Beaded Jewelry and matching Purse

Knit Outfits for these little dolls.
This is an ALL NEW web page with lots of new knit outfits.
Outfits available for sale, as well as patterns upon request.

Here are MORE Knit Outfits taken the day it SNOWED
here in Las Vegas.

Chartreuse and Hot Pink Knit outfit. Flare bottom slacks and
a long sleeve striped turtleneck sweater, with the matching
beaded jewelry and beaded purse.

LongLocks is modeling a fancy knit Long Skirt and Top. She
is a custom doll, with Sun Streaks through her long beautiful hair.

** Glori wearing the teeny tiny white knit mittens.

** Another mitten page, with close-ups of the mittens.

Crochet Outfits for these little dolls.
This is another ALL NEW web page with lots of new crochet outfits.
There are a limited number of these outfits available for sale.
Patterns may be available upon special request.

** Close-up of Twinkle by her Mom's hand, wearing the mint green
crocheted cape.

** Twinkle's vacation, where she is sunning herself, wearing her
white Crocheted Bikini

OOAK dolls and Makeovers

Twinkle now has her own web page. She is one of my favorite Starr dolls,
as you can see from the collage picture above.

Twinkle's Before and After Web page. This is her Second Web Page.
You can see what she originally looked like on this page. Sorry, she is not for sale.

Little CeeJay is Twinkle's "twin" sister, and she finally has her own web page showing her
MakeOver. Little CeeJay is a beautiful OOAK doll that is only for your viewing pleasure.

PeggySue was one of our first makeover girls that "left" home. She lives with her
"Mom and Dad" in New York state. When PeggySue was ready to return to New York,
we even had a Going Away Party for her. Be SURE to look at Twinkle's SURPRISE just
before PeggySue went back to New York.

Maddie Mod Bride doll is another little 6.5" Fashion doll from 1970 by Mego.
Her makeover included new eyelashes and facial repaint.

These Beautiful OOAK 7" Mattel Snow White Dolls were created with Silk Flower Outfits.

Another OOAK Silk Flower makeover doll. This is the Mattel Tenko Princess of Magic, Shonti.

Computer Lessons are also available when your dolls visit. Twinkle is a very
good teacher, as you can see. She is sitting down, while Little CeeJay stands.
This picture can also be seen when you go to Little CeeJay's web page.

During the Baseball Season, a day at the Spa may include watching a baseball game.
Twinkle's favorite Baseball Team is the New York Yankees, and she LOVES Derek Jeter.

NEW!!! Our Spa now welcomes the male dolls to visit for rest, relaxation, and a new look.
** Greg was transformed from Nick, a Family Corners doll by Mattel, into a very sexy and
macho boyfriend for the 6.5" fashion dolls. Sorry girls, Greg is taken, but we can create the
man of your doll's dreams to complete her love life. Special orders are now being taken.

Hospital Rules and CONTACT info.

Rescues, Repairs, and Restorations
COMING SOON: Pictures of patients during their Hospital Stays

Meet Violet. She is a beautiful Topper Dawn doll that was "rescued" from a
certain death in the trash. She is one of my favorite Dawn makeover dolls.

Another Rescue doll named SkyBluePink. She is a OOAK Starr doll by JPI.
As her name indicates, she has soft silky hair that is Blue, White, and Pink.

MORE Web Pages for
the 6.5" Fashion Dolls

Starr Dolls by JPI. These seven different dolls were only made for
two years, starting in the Fall of 1996. Head Mold info
here :

FreshLook Petite Dolls by JPI. These dolls were only made from
2002 until 2003. JPI also made the Starr Model Agency Dolls.

DIRECTORIES with pictures
that are not yet web pages:

Click on the link, or on the icon to go to each individual directory.
Then click on each picture you want to view. After viewing the pictures,
use your BACK Button to return to the DIRECTORY, then use the
BACK Button again to return to this page.

Here is a link to a temporary directory that has a few pictures of how I
wallpaper" my rooms using NRFB dolls and their outfits! This will
be made into a "real" web page soon.

Pictures of a few of my favorite mini bears

My First Christmas, with my big brother in his Jeep Pedal car.

Heidi Ott doll house scale dolls. One Inch equals One Foot

Doll House Babies and Kids

Really tiny knitting for Polly Pocket. They are about
the same size as three-quarter inch scale doll house dolls.

True Half Scale Porcelain Dolls; One Half Inch equals One Foot.

More Porcelain Full Scale DollHouse Dolls; One Inch equals One Foot.

All NEW, RoomBoxes made with DollHouse size Dolls. These
are mini rooms, with all the details to co-ordinate with each setting.

The Baby Room is my first Room Box attempt. More pix coming soon.

The Second
Room Box is done using antique style and real Antique items.
There will also be more pix of this roombox soon.

Other Custom Art Work on people-sized canes. These are not
for dolls. They are OOAK painting on walking Canes by CeeJay.

SNOW in Las Vegas, Nevada!?!
YES!!! Living in Las Vegas, NV, it is RARE to see snow. So here is a
web page with some pictures to prove that it actually did SNOW on
December 30, 2003!!

Well, it happened again! Yes, we got SNOW again in Las Vegas, Nevada,
on December 15, 2008. Not as much snow this time, but still...it Snowed!!
Here is a DIRECTORY with some new pix of the snow. The snow did not
even stay on the ground for the whole day, however, it DID snow again!
And to this, I say, GLOBAL WARMING?!? .. good question!!

Other Web Pages and Links
Click on the mitten icon to see my first knitting project as a little girl.
My Great Grammie Fogarty taught me to knit these Tiny Yellow Mittens.

CJ and Mathew Bear

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